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Tokin Black Guy - (3 colors)

Tokin Black Guy - (3 colors)

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A Tokin Black Guy hat is the perfect way to diversify your lid collection.


In collab with Tokin Black Guy:

Tokin Black Guy is a reggae artist known for his blend of reggae, humor, and social commentary. With catchy melodies and witty lyrics, he captivates audiences with his vibrant stage presence and thought-provoking performances. Beyond the satire, his music carries a deeper message, challenging stereotypes and promoting social awareness. Through philanthropic efforts, he supports education and environmental conservation. Tokin Black Guy's music is a testament to the power of laughter and music as tools for social change. 

(as written by ChatGPT) 


About the hat:

Shitty trucker hat made of 100% Polyester (front) and 100% nylon (mesh).

One size. Fits most. Like your mother. 

These fuckers are probably flammable so don't wear this if you're attempting arson. 

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